3S-GTE Engines are Compatible with AWD 5 Speed Transmission Models:

94-99 E154F Celica GTfour ST205

97-01 E150F Caldina GT-T ST215

94-00 E250F Rav4 SXA11

3S-GTE YAMAHA/TOYOTA Generation 4 Engine, with Wiring & ECU- Most advanced version of 3S-GTE, best Value overall

E154F JDM Celica GTfour (1994-1999) AWD 5 Speed Manual Transmission- Best Gearbox, best Value overall

Summary:      The reason why the E154F Transmission, is the best choice for a 3SGTE gen4 Rav4 swap is because the gearbox features better gear ratios for faster acceleration, dual cone synchros, but most importantly it has a VSS (vehicle speed sensor) in exactly the same location as the E250F Rav4 gearbox, meaning the speedometer will work with the same electrical connector as the Rav4.



JDM LH: Toyota Genuine Parts JAPAN: 43420-21010 - approx. $1200.00 CAN + Tax & Shipping


JDM RH: Toyota Genuine Parts JAPAN: 43410-21010 -approx. $1,200.00 CAN + Tax & Shipping


USDM RH: RIGHT FRONT AWD Rav4 3S-FE 1994-2000 Axle Assembly: Available at your local parts store.

*Weaker in design and not recommended for racing or high performance applications


Price guide for Rav4 3S-GTE Gen4 Engine & Driveline Swap

  • $1500      - 3S-GTE gen4 Caldina GT-T engine
  • $0-       3S-GTE ECU with the connector C & D
  • $0 -      3S-GTE gen4 engine wiring harness uncut 
  • $0 -      3S-FE Rav4 engine wiring harness uncut
  • $1200 -      E154F /E150F 3S-GTE rated Toyota manual 5 speed transmission
  • $500 -      new heavy duty clutch and pressure plate
  • $100 -      Toyota OEM throwout (clutch release) bearing
  • $100 -      transmission fluid
  • $60 -      engine oil
  • $1200 -      LEFT SIDE Caldina GT-T front Axle :43420-21010
  • $1200 -      RIGHT SIDE Caldina GT-T front Axle: 43410-21010 
  • $150 -      Dakota Digital SGI-8E Tachometer Interface
  • $150 -      Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • $400-      Turbo Downpipe for Caldina St215 Flange)
  • $50 -      Fuel Hose for return
  • $300 -      *Fuel Pump Assembly Modification - by Professional 
  • $500-      *Custom Exhaust work (you are going to have to install a 2.5" Cat back exhaust at the very least)
  • $600 -      *Wiring Harness Service - (you must send both the entire 3S-GTE caldina engine harness and 3S-FE Rav4 harness away for 6-8 weeks
  • $2100 -      *Labour to install - (after your fuel pump assembly and wiring harness have been modified, labour to pull engine and reinstall everything is 17-20 Hours

A Gen4 Swap will cost about ~$10,000 CAN

*Note that in this list, not even brake maintenance is taken into consideration, there will be incidentals such as new hoses, electrical tape, cable ties, etc, etc!

E150F JDM Caldina GT-T (1997-2002) AWD 5 Spd. Manual Transmission - (No VSS, must sacrifice ABS functionality)

Summary: The  Caldina gets its speedometer reference signal through the ABS Computer, there no electrical plug on the gearbox, there is also no gear ring inside of the transmission.  You can use a Dakota Digital SGI-5E Speedometer Interface, connected to any working ABS Wheel Speed Sensor using shielded wire  to provide your OEM Speedometer a signal that will work.  You will LOSE ABS FUNCTIONALITY.  You cannot "tap or split into" the ABS signal, otherwise both the vehicle ABS and the Speedometer will fail to work.  If you want to ditch ABS like I did, you'll be fine using the Caldina E150F transmission with Dakota Digital SGI-5E and dealing with an ABS Light (if its legal in your area).  The Caldina Gearbox, like the Celica GTfour both require CALDINA Axles left and right to work in a Rav4 Swap, however, the RIGHT SIDE CELICA/CALDINA INNER axle joint is identical in shape and size of the RIGHT SIDE rav4, CV Axle just weaker in design. the inner axle joint is designed differently and cannot be joined together, and the Celica axle is too long for the Rav4.

E250F Rav4 (1994-2000) AWD 5 Sp. Manual  Transmission - (Worst but cheapest choice overall)

Summary:   Your existing Rav4 manual gearbox and axles WILL fit the Gen4 3S-GTE engine, however, The reason the originally installed Rav4 AWD E250F manual gearbox is the worst choice, is because the gear ratios are intended for the 3s-FE Engine, which is only 98-105HP.  The 3S-GTE after a good exhaust upgrade and boost increase is ~280-320HP.  Your engine will rev at ~5,500RPM in 5th gear on the highway which is loud and annoying.  Those who have done this but used really big tires say its not so bad drive about, or below the speed limit. 

TL;DR You will not get  the full potential of your 3S-GTE upgrade, without 3S-GTE rated gearbox (E154F/E150F)