Working with one of North America's most respected Industry Professionals, you can send both your current, and new engine harness together (uncut/unbroken) directly to our harness builder, and he will have it returned to you in 100% plug and play working condition, with a professional grade appearance and function.

He has assembled Thousands of Harnesses with over Twenty years of Satisfied Customers.

Engine and ECU Harnesses building service available for:

Honda K20 into Toyota
4A-GE 20V
Gen2 3S-GTE
Gen3 3S-GTE
Gen4 3S-GTE
BEAMS 3S-GE Transverse

Purchase Genuine TOYOTA OEM Parts from JAPAN

Buying TOYOTA Genuine parts for your JDM Vehicle directly from Japan can be a nerve wracking experience.  Let us take the stress out and return the joy of waiting for parts to arrive.

Caldina GT-T Windshields Brake Components & Body Panels were at first hard to come by, with our help, our Network of Canadian buyers are beginning to recognize the market.  We insist they do.

We will help you keep your TOYOTA JDM Import running with TOYOTA Genuine parts from Japan, shipped to your door.

Once you break the ice on buying parts from the land of the rising Sun, you cant get enough, let us help you get started.

Purchase a JDM TOYOTA via a Trusted Canadian Importer

After multiple extremely satisfactory experiences with importing JDM Vehicles into Canada, I have nothing but good thing's to say about our Import Associates.

With Thousands of happy Customers from Coast to Coast, you can count on these guys to bring in top quality cars.

Whether you would like to import a vehicle with the intention of using it as a donor for an engine or driveline swap, or Register, Drive and Love it, we can help.

Most JDM Importers aim to satisfy a wide market of Japanese vehicle buyers, with our focus being on the AWD Race and Rally based vehicle platforms, we can help ensure that you get the most value for your purchase, by ensuring your Celica GT four, Caldina GT4, Caldina GT-T or other Coveted TOYOTA Dream Car gets the special attention it deserves at the Auction, on the Boat, and on its trip to your driveway.



Purchase a JDM Toyota Engine

Locating a trusted importer of JDM Engines can be a challenge.  

With our network of experienced Associates, we can find the 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GE BEAMS, or 3S-GTE Engine and Transmission Combination you've been looking for.

We can help ensure your Purchase Agreement results in a happy purchase.  Most JDM Engines are advertised as being as low as 40,000km, the truth is many are delivered at around 120,000.

Tracking the true mileage can be a challenge, but for those willing to wait the time it takes for this we can Guarantee it.

Ministry ComplIANT Headlights for JDM Vehicles in Canada

Locate Ministry of Transportation complaint headlights for your Caldina GT-T, and other JDM Toyota's in Canada.

If you're stuck in a bind with your Inspection, get in touch with us, our Associates can ship you your new Headlights within 3-6 business days of payment.

There are several identical shaped headlights that work in a variety of other Toyota and NON Toyota vehicles, that have the manufacturers mark that inspectors are looking for.

We can help.


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