Jareds Rav GTfour Gearbox bites the Dust!

It looks like we may have some new YouTube Videos for you in the next couple of weeks! They will include yet another 3S-GTE Engine/Gearbox removal!

Jared described the shifting in his E154F ST205 Celica GTfour gearbox, that we put into his 1998 Toyota Rav4 last summer as “trying to force a square into a “triangle hole”.  He’s already purchased a replacement 1994-1999 JDM Celica GTfour Transmission from Roger at http://jdmdepots.com/ JDM Depots in Montreal, and is awaiting Shipping now.

“It’s like trying to Force a square into a Triangle Hole!”

We sourced this gearbox from a “higher mile” Celica GTfour, that I drove for a couple weeks then subsequently dismantled, so as to be sure we got a working unit, however it looks like that Celica was driven a bit harder than we wish it had, and its time was up.  Here’s a pic of the JDM Celica GTfour getting its inspection when we first brought it into the shop.

Jared is looking forward to doing the work himself, but I will be standing by to help him through the process as he trades in his Stapler and Tape Dispenser for a set of Coveralls and Mastercraft Tools.

Stay tuned as we Document the process for you, I’m trying to convince Jared to purchase a Competition full faced dual friction Stage 3 Clutch for his RavGT four, I am estimating he’s put maybe 10,000km on it since he took delivery after the Swap, Keep checking in to see how things Turn out!

-Rav4 GTT, out!


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