I couldn’t break my Toyota until I Tripled the Horsepower!

Ever since I completed the 3S-GTE Swap in my Rav4, I’ve been telling curious lookey-loos that “I’ve been trying to break it, but nothing gives”  Finally, something did!

Broken rear LCAI was real lucky it didnt let go while I was on the highway, I could have been facing a much bigger repair.  I was simply sitting at the gate of my rental storage unit, tapping in my code when I heard a loud Pop as I slowly drove through the gate.  I had just come off the highway with a speed limit of 110km/hr where most people drive at least 120-130km/hr.

With all of the bumpy forest service roads in western Canada, towing a 1,200 Lb Trailer and most recently booting across a frozen lake at up to 150km Hr, and sliding out, then hammering the frozen curbs of snow on the well used drift track, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.  You can actually see that the bottom was cracked, as rust was visible on the bottom side of the crack, evidence of water flowing through, so it had been cracked for some time before severing.

In the picture above, you can clearly see the red polyurethane bushings, Its likely that my “driving style”, the 3S-GTE Swap, and the recent addition of the rear Torsen LSD, I’d imagine the parts held up as best as they could for being hollow.The visible rust along the bottom of the crack shows it happened over time.  Whats unreal is that it cracked before the weld!

I propped the Rav4 GTT up on Jackstands to take pressure off the strut mount, as its only sheet metal, I’d imagine the rear quarter panel would have completely destroyed if I had been driving at even surface street speeds.  gfd

I’ll be ordering all 4 to be replaced, I wont take any chances that the age has the others on the way out.  I have alot of fun ripping around in this thing.  It will be tough to concentrate on helping Jared swap out his gearbox on his Rav GTfour while mine is out of commission so I hope to have this dealt with ASAP.


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